Research Topics and Expertise

I am interested in research topics. What nanostructures and devices can be prepared?  What can be measured/analyzed? What theoretical support is available?

Laboratories and Equipment

I am interested in instrumentation. How can I use CzechNanoLab's instruments for my project? What experimental techniques are available?

CzechNanoLab provides open access to a comprehensive set of interconnected areas of tools & expertise in nanosciences:

  1. Preparation of nanostructures of a wide range of physical materials from semiconducting and magnetic to topological.
  2. Characterization of static and dynamic properties of nanostructures with high spatial and temporal resolution.
  3. Production and functionalization of components and devices for molecular electronics, spintronics, optoelectronics, microelectronics, MEMS and sensors, including bio.
  4. Theoretical description of nanostructures from the first principles and computer modelling of component functionalities.

CzechNanoLab consists of two sites, CEITEC Nano located in Brno, and the Laboratory of Nanostructures and Nanomaterials (LNSM), located in Prague. Researchers from academic and industrial institutions from the Czech Republic and abroad may access this infrastructure. Basic technologies and devices are available on both CzechNanoLab sites, in advanced and more demanding equipment the sites complement each other.

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News & Research Highlights


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