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Preparation of nanostructures

Characterization of static and dynamic properties of nanostructures

Production and functionalization of components and devices

Theoretical description of nanostructures from the first principles

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Self-service access

Within the self-service access, the infrastructure staff provides the training and approves the user for independent operation of the instruments. Laboratories can be booked in advance via the online booking system.

Proposal-based full-service access

This type of access aims at excellent research projects, typically requiring a combined involvement of the instrumentation and expertise of the CzechNanoLab staff and associated research groups. A high-quality science or technology outputs are expected from these projects. A potential user prepares a proposal in close collaboration with the CzechNanoLab staff.

Paid full-service access

In this type of access, the user requests the service such as device fabrication or sample measurement and the request is processed by the research infrastructure staff. The user is charged by academic or commercial rates for instrument-hours and person-hours spent on the project.

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2 500 m2
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