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FZU co-organized a Minisymposium on perovskites

On Tuesday, March 19th, 2024, Martin Ledinský of FZU co-organized a Minisymposium on perovskites along with Martin Vácha from the Tokyo Institute of Technology. The event was held in the library of FZU premises at Cukrovarnická starting from 10 am. Several presentations were delivered on the topic of perovskites thin films and nanoscale objects. You can find the full list of presentations below.

The event was successful and led to an interesting discussion on various themes. The blinking of perovskite nanoobjects and thin films was the main discussed topic, what is the fundamental reason and how it may affect the final device quality.  

Unfortunately, the time was not sufficient to discuss all the topics the participants would like to and therefore there might a following event in the future.