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Kinetics of self-assembly

Molecular self-assembly presents a viable approach for the atomically precise fabrication of organic layers with tailored functionality. Understanding the growth kinetics of self-assembled molecular phases near thermodynamic equilibrium is a prerequisite for large-scale utilization in devices.

The multimethod multiscale approach provided by both institutes of CzechNanoLab was necessary to catch the transformation process in its full complexity.

Employing a combination of experimental methods (LEEM, STM, XPS) of CEITEC Nano with sub-molecular resolution and understanding provided by the Institute of Physics and Regional Centre of Advanced Technologies and Materials provided the necessary input for kinetic Monte Carlo description of chemical transformation of a 4,4’-biphenyl-dicarboxylic acid on a silver substrate.

P. Procházka, M. A. Gosalvez, L. Bruno de la Torre, A. Gallardo, J. Alberdi-Rodriguez, T. Chutora, A. O. Makoveev, A. Shahsavar, A. Arnau, P. Jelínek, and J. Čechal: Multiscale Analysis of Phase Transformations in Self-Assembled Layers of 4,4′-Biphenyl Dicarboxylic Acid on the Ag(001) Surface. ACS Nano 2020 14 (6), 7269-7279. DOI: 10.1021/acsnano.0c02491