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Michal Urbánek's team will investigate the possibilities of an unexplored area of physics.

Low-loss magnonics controlled by current and fluxons – this is the name of the project that has received financial support from the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic. It is led by Michal Urbánek, head of the CEITEC Nano Research Infrastructure, together with foreign colleagues from Poland and Austria. Within three years they would like to build the foundations of a new direction in physics which would consist in connecting magnetic materials with superconductors (so-called Ferromagnet/Superconductor hybrids will be created) and investigating their mutual influence. More specifically, the three groups of scientists want to focus on spin (magnetic) waves in such artificial systems, in particular their manipulation and control, potential for excitation and detection, including a theoretical description of the findings. All using superconducting phenomena that are beyond the reach of traditional magnetic approaches.

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